The Best Date Nights in Ormskirk

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The Best Date Nights in Ormskirk


This may come as a shock to some of you, but I have been on dates before. I’ve been on dates where I’ve eaten food so spicy my makeup’s ran thanks to burning chilli tears. There’ve been dates where the guy drank way too much and started moaning about his ex and all of their issues (a personal favourite), and there was even a date which almost lead to us being kicked out of the cinema because he just would not.stop.talking.


However, dating is something the majority of us do, and finding a good place to do it is half, albeit the easier half, of the battle. Ormskirk is home to many good date locations and here are my personal favourites:



There’s nothing like a bit of competition to really get the heart pumping so why not pop down to Styles on Thursday for their weekly quiz? With Styles having a constantly lively atmosphere anyway, even if you don’t win you’ll still have a great time. They even have a Deal or No Deal game…release your inner Noel Edmonds and get playing! Again, with such a large selection of different drinks on offer, it’ll take the edge of first date nerves and hey…even if the date goes horrifically wrong you can just play against them next week. Game on.



Cinemas are good date places. If you’re not really into the person you can happily sit in a slightly awkward silence, hoping they don’t use ‘the move’, and if it goes well you can go and have a drink or meal and a good old catch up. Edge Hill put on a weekly film, mainly recent releases, and no two weeks are the same. With tickets from only £2 for Edge Hill students, and not a lot more expensive for the rest, it’s a great budget date.



I say ‘cocktails’, you say ‘Lime Tyger!’

Lime Tyger do seriously good cocktails. I’m not talking a few shots and a bit of sugar but full on, delicious, drinking for the taste not the feel kinda drinks. It may be cliché to go for drinks on a date, but clichés are clichés for a reason…it sometimes just works! Bond with your potential flame in a quirky, flamboyant paradise and get ready for a fab night. If you take a new date to Lime Tyger then you’re going to give off a good first impression!



If you’re going for a daytime date then a coffee and/or cake is a pretty safe bet. If you want a really good daytime date then head over to Bramley’s! Affordable, insanely delicious coffees, a whole variety of cakes, and table service. A date you’ll definitely remember and it isn’t going to break the bank…or hearts hopefully!



I’m going to try and avoid making a pun about a hot date over hot chicken…but I’ve already failed. A cute restaurant, the perfect size for a first date, and great service. The food is incredible and not stingily portioned, the price is completely affordable, and there’s a little bit of spice. What else could you ask for?



If you’re really wanting to come across classy and sophisticated (especially if you’ve just met on Tinder…no judgement, we’ve all done it!), then The Green Room is the place for you. Every single Friday they have Champagne Fridays! Champagne, potentially Mr/Mrs Right, and even some food thrown into the mix. That’s pretty much everything you need for a good date, don’t you think?


There are so many great places for dates in Ormskirk, and even more one-off events that would make for an incredible date, so next time you swipe right and see ‘it’s a match’, grab your coat and head out to Ormy! Just make sure I get an invite to the wedding, yeah?